Monday, June 8, 2009

June 7--Buena Vista trails/CO trail

Ahh! The sound of traffic on 285! What a pleasant was to wake up! We stopped by Best Western for some free internet, checked email. Hmm. I don't know that anyone is missing me yet. We then strolled into the Trailhead bike shop in Buena Vista for some advice on bike trails. Eric did most of the talking, I just wandered the store. To start, we headed to the river put on for the Arkansa Town Run at the town park. We rode a nice technical single track trail from Whipple to Broken Boyfriend trails. BB is a new trail and really fun! The entire loop was less than 4 miles so we headed up FR 344 to catch part of the CO trail. Although bruttle at first, the scenic views were incredible the whole way and well worth the effort. The trail eventually took off on a nice decent. It was fun, but I was anticipating the return trip to be a grueling climb. I was not disappointed. We turned back after about 7 miles in (of 11 possible), and were hungry, exhausted, and pretty smelly. I don't know that this is what I had in mind for heading South. I wanted to be warm, but this whole ride was done in cold weather riding gear with winds holding steady 30mph. We only had a little snow blasts, but gosh, pretty freakin' cold for heading South to the sun. We had steak for dinner with corn and french fries, but neither one of us could eat much. Too tired. We tried showering in the motorhome for the first time. Where's the hot water? Still got some learning to do.

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