Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 1 –June 6, 2009

Today we awoke the first day that we were on vacation. It didn't feel like it for awhile because we hadn't spent much time packing all the random miscellaneous piles of paper work, clothes, kitchen utensils and electronic equipment. Eric had some extra work to do with batteries and I spent my morning stuffing all our stuff in cabinets. By noon, I had discovered several items that belonged at work (whoops!) and had thought of 2 things left at work that I wanted to keep. We made a special trip in to Cristol Chem on the motorcycle. When we got back to the house, we had nothing to do but roll out of town.

One thing we could have done better is plan where we were going. It wasn't until be were cruising down 93 that we decided to hit the Centennial Cone Trail. We had tried to do this trail before, but the timing never worked out. It may have only been a 30 minute drive, but it took our great adventure to bring us to the trailhead of the CCT. It was possibly the best way to start this trip. The trail was amazing! It was 95% single track which was smooth as a baby's, well you know, and had spectacular views the whole way. We were unable to do the normal loop because a portion was closed, however, we were able to do the majority of the trail as an out and back. It was our first ride, so we expected to be tired when we arrived back at the motorhome. We didn't expect that our elevation gain would be over 5,500 vertical feet. That's like doing Ward 1.5 times! Our trip mileage was 23.1 miles. Although the technical level of the CCT was easy, it is not for someone who doesn't have a bit of endurance built up.

For tonight, we are sleeping at Kenosha Pass. We cooked up some huevos rancheros and had giant glasses of juice (Eric) and water (me). Our fridge is flashing *F *A, which is a little concerning because neither one of us knows what that stands for. We will have to google it tomorrow. Time for bed.

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