Thursday, May 28, 2009

First photos

In order to get around Eric decided we needed a motorized bike. I have to learn how to ride it. So far, I take if up and down my road. I stop at the sign and do a tight turn to get back to my house. It was not my idea, but Eric insists it is absolutely required for shuttling long rides. Maybe he's right! It is a lot of fun . . .
Our second motorized vehicle doubles as our home. The Chateau Sport! We will drive, cook, sleep, and shower in luxury. Jealous? Should be. Jesus fish included in the purchase! I have moved into the CS which is currently parked in my driveway. It is pretty freakin' awesome.

10 Day Weather Outlook

Today we can see the weather for the first day of our trip. Amazing! I am sure it is not accurate, out 10 days and all, but the weather in Salida, CO is supposed to be 72 degrees and sunny. That doesn't sound perfect, huh? I have been training for how to relax and enjoy my company. This past weekend we had several appearances from friends that assisted my training. The infamous Autumn swung through Boulder for the Bolder Bolder 10K running race. Katie's bro, Brad, stayed with us. We decided he can only visit once a year because it is so much fun. Ms. Nikki Uhre also decided to drop in on Sunday for a visit. At the race on Monday she held a sign that reads: Don't poop your pants Brad, Katie, Krista. It's a long story. My favorite breakfast joint is now the Southside cafe. We ate there twice in 3 days. They have the perfect combination of choices for anyone really. The joy brought by this last weekend is seriously going to help me make it until next Saturday. It is already Thursday!!!

Last night, I decided to go for a jog. I threw on some non-smelly clothes and headed out the door around 7:30pm. I was hoping to feel like an antelope, but I felt more like a wounded sloth. My breathing was labored and my feet felt heavy. Instead of cruising the neighborhood, I chose the trails across the street. I figure if I'm going to feel this bad, I might as well enjoy the scenery that has been exploding with color with all the past rain. After crossing the creek, I felt better and the thought popped into my head, "What if I never get to do this run again?" Now, I like this thought and hate it at the same time because it usually ends up as a challenge. For example, there are many trails in this area that can be run with moderate effort, but there are some that I consider to be epic. If I am concerned that I will never get to run on these trails again, I will tell myself that before I leave, I need to do XY or Z before I leave. Last night, when "What if I never get to do this run again?" popped into my head, I was thinking of one of my epic loops. My next thought was, "Well, before I leave, I will do it. . . " only to realize that my days here are numbered. Of course the challenge is not just the route. The challenge also includes not walking at all. Instead of planning to do it someday before I leave, to do it now. It only took about an hour or so, but it is no run for beginners. The most amazing part was how I felt. It wasn't painful or slow like how it began. My breathing stabilized and my legs felt strong. My heart felt so much happiness! I saw deer and the most beautiful red fox! I got home exhausted but happy and I want to do it again. and again. and again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The countdown begins!

Seriously.  I have been waiting forever to leave on this trip.  I couldn't be more anxious about heading out than now.  My current job is not wrapping up, which is incredibly frustrating.  All I want is closure, finality.  What I get is, "Hey, you should try this other experiment." or "you have time to show XXXX how to run those assays, right?"  Sure I do!  Between packing, moving, piling all our stuff into a motor-home/trailer, transporting cars, selling off all my furniture, and trying to stay sane.  I am also supposed to be writing for a post-doctoral fellowship for my next job.  That's coming along nicely.  HA!  What is today?  Ah, yes, the 19th of May.  I have 17 days until we push off out of the driveway.  I don't care if there are bike parts and laundry hanging out of the doors, we will at least make it to Lousiville (5 miles) without looking back!  Wind in our hair, tunes blasting, dishes rattling, the works.  Every time something really bad happens I will think, "So this is Hell?  Great! Well, at least there is a light up ahead.  It will only take 17 days to reach it!  In that time I vow not to kill anyone or injure myself.  Period."  Smile.  Just smile.  Trying not to look smug.  Futile.