Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The countdown begins!

Seriously.  I have been waiting forever to leave on this trip.  I couldn't be more anxious about heading out than now.  My current job is not wrapping up, which is incredibly frustrating.  All I want is closure, finality.  What I get is, "Hey, you should try this other experiment." or "you have time to show XXXX how to run those assays, right?"  Sure I do!  Between packing, moving, piling all our stuff into a motor-home/trailer, transporting cars, selling off all my furniture, and trying to stay sane.  I am also supposed to be writing for a post-doctoral fellowship for my next job.  That's coming along nicely.  HA!  What is today?  Ah, yes, the 19th of May.  I have 17 days until we push off out of the driveway.  I don't care if there are bike parts and laundry hanging out of the doors, we will at least make it to Lousiville (5 miles) without looking back!  Wind in our hair, tunes blasting, dishes rattling, the works.  Every time something really bad happens I will think, "So this is Hell?  Great! Well, at least there is a light up ahead.  It will only take 17 days to reach it!  In that time I vow not to kill anyone or injure myself.  Period."  Smile.  Just smile.  Trying not to look smug.  Futile.

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  1. So, ah, you got those TPS cover sheets? Yeah. You might want to get on that.