Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Planning the big adventure

Wow!  The first entry, naturally, is the plan.  So far we have an RV and a motorcycle for our motorized transportation needs.  The rest are self powered including Mtn bikes and inflatable rafts.  What else do we need?  A plan.  Although I wanted to get the heck out of here first thing come May, we are waiting until June.  My boss is very persuasive and Eric needs to be in WA late May to change out our tenants at the Pullman house.  Fine.  Let's say we hit the road June 7th.  Its a Sunday.  We have 3 general destinations.  First, we will head South, where it is warm and sunny and not snowing.  Eric discovered that Arizona has a lot to offer as far as Mtn bike trails go and I am obsessed with the possibility of meeting my guardian angel.  I recently read The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho (also wrote The Alchemist) and it doesn't leave my mind.  Next, we are heading to Idaho.  As it turns out, Idaho has over 14,000 miles of single track Mtn bike trails.  I feel like this must be a typo, 14,000!  The rivers should also be running and we are hoping to pick up a permit cancellation on the Salmon.  It will take us a long time to ride that many trails, but by August, we are going to CA.  My sister, Jen, is celebrating a milestone birthday and 5 years of marriage.  We want to celebrate with her.  California also bosts Yosemite National Park, which neither Eric or I have ever visited.  Tahoe is also supposed to have some fabulous trails and scenery, definitely a destination we won't pass by.  Depending on when we negotiate start dates for our next jobs, we may head to BC Canada.  Whistler . . . .who knows?  Even though we are talking 3-4 months on the road, we have numerous other stops along the way and folks we must visit.  I am not sure how we will fit it all in.  Weddings too!  Don't you think we should leave in May?

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  1. What a great sounding plan and we will get a little piece of it through your writing and posting a blog-- thanks so much